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30B30 update… September 9, 2014

I haven’t updated (or really even thought about) my 30 Before 30 list in a long time.  Which is ridiculous.  I love making lists.  And the reason that I love making lists is so that I can cross things off my list (or at least put a check mark next to each item)(or fill in the bubble I drew while making said lists), and this is the month of checking things off my listssss (there are so many that the word deserves plural plurals).  So, first up, my 30B30 goal of making my own jelly.

I’ve actually crossed this one off the list many times over…thanks to my bread maker.

Now, I’ve been trying to decide what type of joke I can throw in here for many minutes now (You should all know by now that I’m not one of those effortlessly funny people.  I have to try.  Sometimes pretty hard.  Sometimes too hard.) but the truth is, this is seriously the easiest way to be Martha Stewart without putting in much effort at all, no joke.  The most difficult part is shelling out the cash for nice jars in which to put this miraculously easy condiment.   Grab some pectin, which Target conveniently places one shelf above, and that’s it.

Being an avid fan of all chick flicks, I take my jam lessons from  Sweet Home Alabama and use fruit that has started to turn.  Three-ish cups of fruit that I slice with varying levels of effort (cough laziness), one cup of sugar, some form of acid (I generally don’t have lemons, which the recipe calls for, so I use whatever I have on hand: grenadine, Kool-Aid liquid drink mix, etc.), and a roughly calculated amount of aforementioned pectin is all you need.  Then hit the button and let the bread maker do the work.  An hour later, poof, homemade deliciousness.  I told you, couldn’t be easier.2013-12-22 09.01.50

However, being the terrible picture-taker that I am, I can’t find a picture of the first jams that I made (including strawberry jam and some orange marmalade [I know, right?!?]).  So this is a picture of the apple butter that I made over the holidays, along with some of the other treats I made in the bread maker and in the oven.  I let you decide what happened where.  I also made some, if I do say so myself, delicious fig jam and some mixed fruit jelly, which I do not have pictures of either.

So I guess the moral of the story is I need to update my list crossing off more often, I make excellent jam, bread makers are awesome, and I need to take more pictures.  Or at least I need to take pictures of the things I do and maybe stop taking so many pictures of my cats.  But that’s a different moral all together…


Short and sweet… September 5, 2014

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I am not much of a sharer.  This point vividly brought to my attention as Dan and I both made appointments to see the doctor.


Transcript one:

Receptionist: Good afternoon, how can I help you?

BP: Yes, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Ali.

Receptionist: Have you seen the doctor before?

BP: Yes.

Receptionist: And what is the appointment for?

BP: My foot.

Receptionist: Which foot?

BP: My left.

Receptionist: How did it happen?

BP: I twisted my ankle.

Receptionist: Was this at work?

BP: No.


Transcript two:

Receptionist: Good morning, how can I help you?

DK: I need to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Ali.  I think I need to get some x-rays or some scans scans done because I saw him a few weeks for a problem with my right knee.  He said that I had strained it while working out but to come back if it was still bothering me and I’m still experiencing a lot of pain.  He gave me some cream to use but that hasn’t been helping.  So if we could set up an appointment as soon as possible that would be great.


At the end of the day we both got appointments and all the correct information was exchanged.  It all worked out.  So what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t write blog posts very often.  But when I do, you’ll learn everything that you need to know.  Eventually.  With the proper number of follow-up questions…


My Kindle: is it love or is it hate? March 26, 2014

For anyone that knows me well it comes as no shock that I am an avid reader.  I’m no Justine but on average I read two books a month.  Sometimes I read more (Divergent series, anyone?) and sometimes I read less (umm…remember that time in my life when I was running around the house like a crazy person trying to figure out the best way to test the changes in thermogenesis due to amylin agonists? No? Well, just ask my roommate.  The one who doesn’t use a litter box…).  But overall, I’d say that I read more than your average working woman.  So that’s why my Kindle is so great.  Finished a book waiting for the bus to come?  No problem, I’ve got a dozen more waiting in the wings to be opened and enjoyed.  It’s light, I love the case, and I can download books from anywhere.  What’s not to love?  There is also the added enjoyment of being able to check out library books.  What?  Checking out library books online?  To send to my Kindle?  And read for freeeee?  It’s the best.  (Also the best…no late fees.  And I’ve racked up my fair share of those in the past.)

But, do you want to know the best feature?  It has a little panel on the bottom that estimates the time left for me to finish reading not only the chapter, but the book.  I cannot get enough of it.  It brings joy to my life every time I flip the digital page and see the number go down.

But then sometimes it doesn’t.  And sometimes, like when I started reading Les Mis, it tells me that I have 59 hours and 43 minutes left in the book.  Seriously?  It can be a bit daunting to begin reading a huge book and while I knew this was a book that I would likely finish in more than a few weeks, I still took on the task.  But my Kindle is making it harder.  And I don’t like that.

I like the challenge of reading classics and sometimes struggling through the more boring and overly descriptive parts.  I like reading Jane Austen and immersing myself in a culture quite foreign to mine.  I love reading the books that inspired the authors of today.  But I don’t like being told that it will take me decades to read.  My only hope is that the calibration is off.  So that’s what I’m telling myself in the interim.  Because I don’t want to hate Les Mis and I especially don’t want to hate my Kindle over all of this nonsense.  That would be ridiculous…


I have a taped confession… January 21, 2014

(That was for you, Justine!)

Actually, I don’t have a confession.  Or a tape recorder for that matter.  I just have a blog post that I’ve been thinking about for some time.  It does, however, involve a confession.  About my cat.  And how much I love him.  And how I made him love me.

He's very sophisticated.

A sophisticated gentleman.

As you may know, a little over a year ago I became the proud owner of my first official pet, Boo the cat.  In an exciting series of events (or emails, rather) Boo went from subject of pet sitting to fostered animal to fostered-for-a-longer-period-of-time animal to mine forever and ever.  It was an exciting time.

Also a superhero (mask).

Also a superhero (mask).

At first he hid under the bed except to come out twice a day to eat and use the little gentleman’s room.  Then he began to come out to peek in the living room during the evenings.  Slowly but surely, Boo would extend his time beyond the confines of the bedroom.  Then he began to sleep by my head.  And then he started sitting next to Dan to watch football.  Eventually he would be waiting in the living room, near the door, whenever I would come home.  So then I hatched my plan.  Each time I came home, I would pick him up and hold him for a bit.  The first few times the holding only lasted about five seconds.  He would panic and look about for the nearest place to leap safely away.  He then changed to an attitude of apathy; I was going to pick him up and he just accepted it (I also gladly accepted this change).  Now, when I come home I grab him and he nuzzles under my chin.  I ask him about his day and carry him around as I slip off my shoes.  He meows loudly when I don’t leave enough room for him to sleep by me (this is something I am told, I sleep through everything).  He even started throwing up his dinner because he would get so excited that I was home that he would eat too quickly (the vet said this is a thing; the most adorable gross thing ever, huh?).



Of course, Dan gets to share in a lot of Boo’s affections as well.  But I’ve gotta say, all my work has paid off and I could not be happier.  I love my tiny gentleman so much that I’m afraid to get another cat as his companion or even, gasp, have a child.  I just don’t know if I can spare any extra love right now.  Perhaps someday.  But right now, I’m okay being the creepy lady who only posts pictures of her cat and food on Instagram.  Now please excuse me while I go capture the most adorable nap ever being taken…

See what I mean?


A year in review… December 20, 2013

…but not really because I am a bit too lazy for that.  Also, it has literally been over a year since my last post and I hardly remember what I had for lunch (hint: I actually remember and it rhymes with shmacaroni and shmeese).

So now I will try to give you a quick, month-by-month review of what happened in the world of Becca circa 2013:

January: Dan turned (gasp!) 30.  We celebrated first with his family and then in Vegas.  It was a glorious time.

The fun was real.

The fun was real.  So was Dan’s creepy photo-bombing.

February: Stevie Mac joined us in Vegas from Australia and stayed for the next few weeks.  Engaging us in activities that do not involve sitting at home and watching DVR (we lead exciting lives, what can I say).

March: I had a few spring break visitors.  We ate exotic foods and played a bit in the ocean.  We got massages and manicures.  We had as much fun as possible without getting into too much trouble.  It was fantastic.



April: I am so thankful for my spring breakers because a few weeks later one of them passed away.  I lost one of the most important people in this world and cherish those memories with my grams more than I ever imagined.

May: Shocker above shockers, Amanda graduated college.  In four years.  With a job lined up.  Weehoo!



June: I, yet again, traveled home for the party of aforementioned Amanda’s graduation.  There was cake.  There was wine.  There were kazoos (it was Mom’s birthday).  There was dancing.  There was fun.

July: I turned the illustrious age of the same number of letters as there is in the alphabet.  Newsroom returned for Season 2.

August: I finished my first year of graduate school and finished classes.  Yay!

First and last day of class.

First and last day of class.

September: I prepared for my qualifying exams.

October: I continued to prepare for my qualifying exams.  And then left for Australia!

November: I continued to be in Australia and I GOT ENGAGED!  Then continued to prepare for my qualifying exam.

He asked.  I nodded yes!

He asked. I nodded yes!

December: I passed my qualifying exam, passed out in the parking lot after having my wisdom teeth removed, and passed along my well wishes for a happy holiday season merry Christmas (Hanukkah is over, who am I kidding?).

I hope all is well for all of you.  I’m off to bake some Christmas treat and continue to stare at my engagement ring.  Hope you have exciting plans as well…


Cupcakerying… December 6, 2012

Don’t be fooled, I made up that word.  But that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen.  (Unlike fetch.)


So last night as I was helping Mac with his math homework (what is it with kids refusing to write out their work?), we were talking about Barney (the kid is obsessed with HIMYM) and he decided to start writing a blog.  At the age of thirteen he does not have much (well, he has none) experience in such escapades as his role model writes about.  So I showed him my blog to give him inspiration.  Apparently I’m boring.  It’s hardly worth following my blog.  So I decided to change that.  And by change that, I mean that I decided I would blog today.  And add pictures!


Last Sunday afternoon, Susan and I went to a cupcake decorating class.  We bought the Living Social deal a few months ago and were finally able to coordinate schedules.  Tis the life of two busy grad students!  (Ah, feels good to say that.)  So we went, we cupcaked, we sprinkled, we ate a lot of frosting.

Image Please ignore my crazy-glasses face.  For some reason I am even more unphotogenic when wearing my spectacles.  This had made me seriously consider taking a modeling class here in LA (I’m sure they occur as frequently as public urination in this city) in order to get over this hump.  But then I realized that my ego and my brain waves probably couldn’t handle it very well.  Perhaps an afternoon with YouTube will be the solution…


So that was how I spent my rainy Sunday afternoon.  (Can we all just take a moment and sigh at the greatness that is a rainy weekend day?  If only it was acceptable to not wear pants and be wrapped in a blanket out in public.)  This weekend I have more sweets on the docket…attempting to bake some holiday treats for all the Cali-people in my life before (mini-dance) I leave next weekend for the Midwest.  Party!


Our more-than-fabulous instructor.


In which I explain why I’ve been crying all day… November 8, 2012

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10 years ago my life changed.  But not nearly so much as 22 years ago, 18 years ago, and 16 years ago.  That was when I found out that I would become a big sister (and again and again).  9 years ago these life-changers greeted me at the door with a pan full of brownies.  I will never forgot.

Each year I celebrate my anniversary.  Another year event-free, another year closer to a cure.  So this morning I was woken to messages of love and encouragement from various forms of family.  I bawled all morning.  (I blame Mitt Romney.  For no particular reason other than his creepy smirk.)  Amanda asked me how it felt to mark ten years, for her it seemed like only last year that I was diagnosed.  The ten years has gone by quickly.  Much has changed.  But in all honesty, I can’t remember life without diabetes.  It seems foreign that people can order a regular soda with dinner and not think twice.  I don’t know the last time I’ve left the house with no supplies in hand (or purse or satchel or man friend’s pocket).

But in further honesty, it hasn’t been too bad.  I have my family (both blood and carefully selected) to thank for that.  Because I do remember my life before my sisters.  And I’d rather do shots (and not the good kind).  So thank you family for all your love and support for the past ten years.  And also the fifteen before that.

Now, to grab a pumpkin latte and study for genetics…



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