I almost smooched her…

This morning I had my first official dress fitting for my wedding gown.  SQUEEEEEEEE!!!  Marta, my god-sent seamstress, did a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there.  Then she told me, “You’ve lost weight since last time.  We have to take it in more.”


I just complained to a friend the other day about how hard I’ve been working on my diet and training schedule to trim down and tone up for the wedding.  Not. One. Person. Has. Noticed.  Except for Dan.  But he is marrying me so he knows I require the weekly ego-and-body-image padding.


Needless to say I could have kissed Marta right on the mouth.  She made it all worthwhile.  Plus she’s making my dress beautiful and perfectly me.  I love her.

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I’m black, not brown…

I like what I like and I know what I like.  I like numbers and facts.  I like order and straight lines.  I like calendars and deadlines.  I like color-coordinating and matching.  I like high-carb and high-fat (seriously, who doesn’t?).  So when I just read a post by my good friend Justine I decided to change the look of the blog.  Now I know that when it comes down to it the design of the blog makes no difference in anyone’s life, mine included.  I didn’t even design it myself.  But it really comes back to a life theme that I have been trying to maintain for the past few years: being me.

2014-09-27 11.31.06

I am not a model, so I just post or send the picture the first time around.  No editing or take twos.  Just me in all my ridiculous glory.  (I mean seriously, could I get any worse at having my picture taken?)

I judge people who do not read for fun.  I know it is unfair and rude.  But it’s the truth.

2014-09-20 17.14.12

I love my cats more than some parents love their children.  I post far too many pictures of them on Instagram and talk about them way too much for anyone to be remotely interested anymore.  But they’re my life.  And I like it that way.

Apparently, it’s a joke in the family that I’m the worst one when it comes to money.  Perhaps it should bother me, but it doesn’t.   (Sidenote: I have started my retirement account and contribute a larger percentage of each paycheck than recommended. Boom!)

I love black and white.  In an effort to be more diverse i decided to mix things up a few years ago: the blog was brown and green, my old comforter was tan, I bought brown towels.  But it’s just not me.  So I bought a new comforter, only use the brown towels when guests aren’t around, and have changed the background theme of the blog.

At the end of the day, do all these changes really matter?  Yes.  Because I like things how I like them.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes things are just plain wonderful…

I often receive emails from Amazon recommending random products to me.  Usually random film equipment (thanks to Dan not bothering to get his own account) and for kitty litter (thanks to Booboo and Yogi being lazy about signing up as well).  But the most recent list of suggestions was all food related: Planter’s peanuts, Frosted Mini-wheats, Bertie Botts Every Flavour
Beans (this is the only one that remotely makes sense), Gerber cereal multi-pack (umm…?), and light tuna in water.  But here’s the best one of all:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.20.58 AMI guess that I wouldn’t consider myself to be outrageously obsessed with pickles.  I do enjoy them.  Heck, I even devoured an entire can of pickle-flavored Pringles during a movie once.  (I highly recommend NOT doing that.  I had wounds on the corners of my mouth for days.  Not pleasant.)  So I guess what it comes down to is that Amazon doesn’t even know me at all.  Especially since they recommended candy canes.  Before Thanksgiving.  Ugh, the humanity…

Living it up…

With the exception of today, I have woken up thinking it is Thursday every day this week.  I suppose that batting 0.250 isn’t bad.  But needless to say, it has been a long week.  So what are plans for the weekend you ask?  (That’s very kind of you.)  I will be finishing up this presentation…

Blog 1

So, apparently this post was never published.  And since the one I tried to upload magically disappeared, this is what you get.  And a random picture of my cats…

2014-10-06 11.43.54

30B30 update…

I haven’t updated (or really even thought about) my 30 Before 30 list in a long time.  Which is ridiculous.  I love making lists.  And the reason that I love making lists is so that I can cross things off my list (or at least put a check mark next to each item)(or fill in the bubble I drew while making said lists), and this is the month of checking things off my listssss (there are so many that the word deserves plural plurals).  So, first up, my 30B30 goal of making my own jelly.

I’ve actually crossed this one off the list many times over…thanks to my bread maker.

Now, I’ve been trying to decide what type of joke I can throw in here for many minutes now (You should all know by now that I’m not one of those effortlessly funny people.  I have to try.  Sometimes pretty hard.  Sometimes too hard.) but the truth is, this is seriously the easiest way to be Martha Stewart without putting in much effort at all, no joke.  The most difficult part is shelling out the cash for nice jars in which to put this miraculously easy condiment.   Grab some pectin, which Target conveniently places one shelf above, and that’s it.

Being an avid fan of all chick flicks, I take my jam lessons from  Sweet Home Alabama and use fruit that has started to turn.  Three-ish cups of fruit that I slice with varying levels of effort (cough laziness), one cup of sugar, some form of acid (I generally don’t have lemons, which the recipe calls for, so I use whatever I have on hand: grenadine, Kool-Aid liquid drink mix, etc.), and a roughly calculated amount of aforementioned pectin is all you need.  Then hit the button and let the bread maker do the work.  An hour later, poof, homemade deliciousness.  I told you, couldn’t be easier.2013-12-22 09.01.50

However, being the terrible picture-taker that I am, I can’t find a picture of the first jams that I made (including strawberry jam and some orange marmalade [I know, right?!?]).  So this is a picture of the apple butter that I made over the holidays, along with some of the other treats I made in the bread maker and in the oven.  I let you decide what happened where.  I also made some, if I do say so myself, delicious fig jam and some mixed fruit jelly, which I do not have pictures of either.

So I guess the moral of the story is I need to update my list crossing off more often, I make excellent jam, bread makers are awesome, and I need to take more pictures.  Or at least I need to take pictures of the things I do and maybe stop taking so many pictures of my cats.  But that’s a different moral all together…

Short and sweet…

I am not much of a sharer.  This point vividly brought to my attention as Dan and I both made appointments to see the doctor.


Transcript one:

Receptionist: Good afternoon, how can I help you?

BP: Yes, I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Ali.

Receptionist: Have you seen the doctor before?

BP: Yes.

Receptionist: And what is the appointment for?

BP: My foot.

Receptionist: Which foot?

BP: My left.

Receptionist: How did it happen?

BP: I twisted my ankle.

Receptionist: Was this at work?

BP: No.


Transcript two:

Receptionist: Good morning, how can I help you?

DK: I need to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Ali.  I think I need to get some x-rays or some scans scans done because I saw him a few weeks for a problem with my right knee.  He said that I had strained it while working out but to come back if it was still bothering me and I’m still experiencing a lot of pain.  He gave me some cream to use but that hasn’t been helping.  So if we could set up an appointment as soon as possible that would be great.


At the end of the day we both got appointments and all the correct information was exchanged.  It all worked out.  So what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t write blog posts very often.  But when I do, you’ll learn everything that you need to know.  Eventually.  With the proper number of follow-up questions…